Tips & tricks on keeping warm this winter

Tips & tricks on keeping warm this winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year, a true season change, and most certainly the complete opposite to our forever-feeling summers! The days are shorter (although we are now officially past the shortest day of the year yippee!) and the air is well and truly a lot crisper.

Keeping warm can be one of the greatest challenges of winter, and finding ways to enjoy your space at this time of year can be a little tricky. Just like we layer our clothes in winter, our foundational pieces in our homes also love to be layered up for warmth!

Our Style Team have created some tips & tricks to help keep you warm and cosy over the winter period:

Layer up with throws

Baya Throw

Throws have many purposes, the main purpose being warmth. Picture yourself on your sofa watching TV without a throw rug, just you on the sofa. Now picture yourself on the sofa watching TV curled up under a soft and luxurious throw that is lightweight and oh so cosy. How does that sound?

Add warmth to the Sofa with cushions

Baya Cushions with Lima Floor Rug

Now you can picture yourself on the sofa curled up, cosy under a throw rug, now imagine your head nestled into a cushion that is so soft and filled with feathers that you can so gently drift off to sleep. Sounds like a dream!

Ground your space with a floor rug

Baya Belverde Floor Rug
Now you have drifted off to sleep and you have cocooned yourself in this cosy and serene living space, you must be closer to heading off to bed! Step off your sofa and land your feet on the softness that comes from a plush floor rug. Now try to imagine what it would be like to step off the sofa onto a cold floor. No thank-you! I'll take the floor rug please!

Think about adding a floor rug underneath your bed

Baya Cushions & Throw

If you have floorboards or polished concrete in your bedroom, consider putting a floor rug underneath your bed, so when you step out first thing on a cold morning, your feet are landing on warmth. This is a great option for creating layers in the bedroom and grounding the space. The size of the floor rug is very important, our Style Team can guide you on the right rug for your space.

Baya Throws
Throws, cushions and rugs really do cosy up a space in winter, but an added bonus to the cosiness is the reduction in acoustic noise in your home. If you have a lot of windows, polished floorboards or just a space that echoes, think about layering up. 
And finally, there is nothing better than making plans with friends that involves catching up by a fire with a glass of wine (or coffee!!) in hand to make these cold, dark days feel brighter.

Images courtesy of Baya Living & Pinterest
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