Tips & Tricks for hosting Christmas Day

Tips & Tricks for hosting Christmas Day

If you are one of the lucky ones hosting Christmas Day in your home this year, hang in there! We know it can seem overwhelming and a lot of work, but we have some tips and tricks to help get you through (maybe with a little glass of wine!):

Tip 1

Make a list and enjoy crossing things off as you work through it. If you start the list now and gradually work through it, you will feel less overwhelmed than if you are to start your list Christmas Eve!

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Tip 2

Start going through your napkins, glassware, crockery and cutlery to check you have enough of everything. If you are hosting for 8, have 10 places just in case. Better to have too much, than not enough. If it's anything like our house, there are always extras on the day!

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Tip 3

Each time you are at the supermarket between now and Christmas Day, just pop in a couple of things extra that you might need on the day such as crackers, drinks, tea bags, coffee etc (non-perishables). It won’t seem so overwhelming (and expensive) when you are doing your pre-Christmas Day shop if you have purchased these items already. Just pop them in your pantry or buffet near your dining table and set and forget until Christmas.

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Tip 4

Accept help from family and friends! No-one wants to arrive on Christmas Day to a frazzled host, if someone asks you “What can I bring?”, accept that offer and make sure you ask for something that is really going to help you in the lead up to the day. People genuinely want to help ease the burden on the host.

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Tip 5

On the day, set up a table for your guests to serve themselves so you are not “plating” meals for everybody at the table. This also provides a relaxed aesthetic and gets everybody involved.

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Final Tip!

And here is our final tip, and it's a good one! Don't have everything perfect! I know it's really difficult and goes against most of our grain (especially for us perfectionists!), but when people walk into a home and they ask "what can I do?" have an apron ready to go and get them to help you in the kitchen, or even asking them to set the table with crockery and glasses. This helps your guests feel connected and part of the day. You will see them instantly relax.

When all the guests have left for the night, and you find yourself watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, or The Holiday (love those houses!), sit back, relax, have a glass of wine and worry about the clean-up Boxing Day! Christmas Day is all about being in the moment with your loved ones.

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Images courtesy of Ethnicraft & Pinterest.
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