Mastering the Art of Blending New with Existing Pieces in Your Home!

Mastering the Art of Blending New with Existing Pieces in Your Home!

We love it when clients come to our gallery seeking guidance on seamlessly incorporating new, contemporary pieces alongside their cherished collectibles accumulated throughout their unique journey.  Achieving a contemporary aesthetic involves skilfully embracing current international trends.
GlobeWest are at the forefront of international trends and are so incredibly clever at blending them into homes to personalise them and give an individual look and feel.
Let us share with you how we at Make Your House A Home do it...

Lisa Smith - Owner & Principal Interior Designer

GlobeWest Pluto Buffet in Porcelain
The Pluto Buffet in Porcelain is a standout for me. Interestingly, this is a piece I have selected for my own home. Given that I'm continually exposed to a wide range of furniture, a piece has to be quite special to find a place in my home, and this one absolutely won my heart!
My home is very contemporary, yet it's filled with unique pieces I've collected over the years with my family, giving it a distinct "gathered" feel. The Pluto Buffet seamlessly fits into my home for a few reasons. Firstly, it shares a similar colour with the main walls of my home but will sit against a timber feature wall creating a harmonious connection to the rest of our home, but with a subtle twist. Secondly, my home architecturally has lots of square straight lines so in the furniture and furnishings I have added soft, curved lines, the Pluto has elegant curves which will work well. Thirdly, this buffet has no visible handles so won't clash with anything else going on in the immediate area.

Darren Brown - General Manager

GlobeWest Eleanor Dining Chair in Powder Blue
The Eleanor Dining Chair in Powder Blue just caught my eye as soon as it came into our gallery. I could tell this chair was going to be a popular chair as it is fully upholstered, which means the legs of the chair are not in a stained timber colour, so you can pair it with any coloured timber.
Fully upholstered dining chairs have a very European look that is always on trend.
There are two reasons that the Eleanor can slip effortlessly with an existing dining table. Firstly, the colour is versatile and neutral, and it isn't competing with any colour timbers, or even styles. It can be paired with a light oak dining table for a contemporary look, or equally, a dark mahogany dining table to create a bespoke look.
Secondly, the curved back that is hollowed, can easily allow a traditional, pedestal base table to become a feature. The chairs are timeless in design and an added bonus is they are super comfy. They would be a perfect fit for my existing dining table.

Ange O'Shea - Instore Stylist

GlobeWest Jenson Occasional Chair in Barley Boucle
I really favour an earthy, organic feel to my home, which to me, transcends trends. I love nature, and I especially love that feeling of the inside of the home linking to the outside.
This look makes it a little simpler to introduce new pieces - they just have to have texture and earthiness to find their way into my home! For me, texture is definitely the thread to making it work within my existing space.
The Jenson Occasional Chair speaks my language! It is heavily textured in a boucle fabric, and the simplicity and calmness of the barley colour paired with natural ash timber makes it so inviting.
The Jenson in this colourway can slip seamlessly into the living room without shouting that it has arrived because of its organic style. The curves are easy to manoeuvre around, and it would look beautiful in a corner with a side table and lamp.
I also love that you can have an existing traditional Persian style rug in your space and it would look fabulous sitting on top, or a rug made of natural fibres such as jute or wool and it would look right at home in this textured look.

Marnie Dickson - Brand Ambassador

GlobeWest Verona Pillar Side Table in Latte
The Verona Pillar Side Table is a really beautiful and elegant design that I can see working in a variety of homes. And it would definitely work in my home! I have a very old home that is full of stories, and part of building a great story is collecting along the way. For me, the Verona is a collector's piece.
Marble is always on trend and has been used for centuries in so many different forms. I love marble, and I love that it is having its moment in interiors, but I only want a little bit of it. That's why this side table is perfect. It has a very warm coloured marble that will fit in with the warmth of my interior style, and the softness of the antique brass will tie back to all of my touchpoints of gold in my formal living room such as the chandeliers, light switches and fireplace. 
Introducing this contemporary piece in a traditional space will work because there is a thread - the colour gold. This is the link. Oh, and it is quite possibly one of the most elegant side tables I have seen!

Images courtesy of GlobeWest Furniture ©
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