Monday Musing with Make Your House A Home

Monday Musing with our Style Team

If you follow us on our socials (Instagram & Facebook), you will see that we have been sharing our Monday Musing posts to not only inspire you but share with you - we house the BEST of the BEST brands in our gallery and we can recreate these international look for you!
International style will always dictate to a large part what is going to come next for us in the design world in Australia. And we want you to know, we are looking closely to these trends, and understanding how they will translate to our homes, and our surrounds.
And don’t forget, we can always create a whole new look for you with our Couture For Living Design Service. A look bespoke for you, that you will love coming home to, that wraps you up when you walk in the door and is timeless in design.
We hope you have fun reading our recent Monday Musing posts shared on our socials, and you find some inspiration for your home!

Monday Musing and we are loving this light and inviting living room with an eclectic feel by the team @lightanddwell. When we look at this space, what is it that we love? And why is it that the mismatched sofas and chairs work?

We LOVE this space and understand why it works, it’s a common thread, and that is the rhythm between pattern and colour. We often have clients who initially ask us for a sofa and chairs to be matching, but the great news is we can have so much fun with fabrics and cushions, provided there is a relationship. This is where you bring your personality to the space.

We also LOVE the round coffee table that could so easily have been rectangular in shape to match the sofas and chairs, but the curved lines of the table soften the space and add light and encourage conversation in the space.

Our Style Team have curated a collection of pieces for you to recreate this look from our gallery, shop the look here:

GlobeWest Elle Luxe Marble Round Coffee Table 

Molmic Aston Sofa

Molmic Lille Sofa

Flo Table Lamp

Hadley floor lamp – in store only

Baya cushions – in store only

Monday Musing and we are loving the simplicity, yet luxe look of this living room from Scout & Nimble. This living room is calm, inviting and fabulously textured. When we look at this space, what is it that we love? And why does the green work so harmoniously in this space?

This space really speaks to us as we understand that quality sofas set the foundation for a room. They are timeless in design, neutral in colour with classic lines, which allow the accessories to be interchanged between seasons and give a completely different look to the room! The green works so beautifully on the sofas as it links to the outside.

We also LOVE the textured rug with depth in the colour. This rug looks amazing as it is large enough to have the sofas floating on it, which anchors the living space. The coffee table is rectilinear in shape and sits harmoniously on the rug. The room is softened with a curved wooden side table, bringing earthiness and texture into the room.

The luxe detail can be found in the base of the coffee table. Luxe doesn’t mean everything has to be gold, it’s just a subtle detail that adds a level of formality and glamour to the look.

Our Style Team have curated a collection of pieces for you to recreate this look from our gallery:

Molmic Steele Avenue Loose Cover Sofa 

GlobeWest Verona Charm Cross Coffee Table

The Rug Collection Magic Rug in Spice 

GlobeWest Lorne Ribbed Vase – instore only

GlobeWest Lark Fluted Baskets – instore only

GlobeWest Rufus Lip Marble Bowl – instore only

Bobbin Round Side Table – instore only

Baya Cushions – instore only


 We hope you have enjoyed catching up on our recent Monday posts, and don’t forget to jump onto our Instagram and Facebook if you are looking for a daily dose of Make Your House A Home!

*Images courtesy of Light & Dwell, Scout & Nimble, Pinterest, Molmic & GlobeWest

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