Finding the perfect rug for your space

Finding the perfect rug for your space

Finding a rug for your space sounds simple right? You find a colour you love, a texture you love and you think the size is perfect. Voila! You place the order, get it home, unroll it and something just isn’t right. You can’t put your finger on it, but something just doesn’t work with your space.

Has this happened to you before? This is a very common issue we hear in our showroom from our new customers. The good news is, we are here to help, and we understand!! We totally get it!! Rugs are an investment, and that is why we want to share our industry knowledge with you and work with you to find the perfect rug.

Rug options

Our Interior Designer and Style Team at Make Your House A Home are experts in rugs. We pride ourselves on stocking outstanding quality rugs here. We don’t just take on any rug brands, we take on the BEST! And we believe the best in the business are The Rug Collection, GlobeWest, Bayliss and Baya.

We represent brands that we feel passionate about, have an alignment with in values, and have an outstanding product with exceptional after-care. If we put our name to it, we trust it, and we feel proud to sell it.

We have an extensive range of rugs in our showroom, and we sell rugs all over Australia. We are located in Bendigo, Central Victoria, but we think globally, and we have sourced rugs from around the world for your homes.

If we can offer you one big piece of advice, and take it from us this is a tried and true recipe for success – think about an underlay for your rug. We don’t want this to be a “would you like fries with that?” moment, but we know from experience (countless rugs sold and installed in design projects!) that underlay is the most important piece to the puzzle to ensure your rug lays and feels perfect under foot.

Rug Underlay

We recommend Rug Master Anti-Slip Rug Underlay It is German made, free of harmful substances and can be cut with regular scissors to achieve the desired size. It is a small investment for the positive benefits.

What size rug?

We recommend that you carefully look at your space and think about what would be the ideal size rug for it. Use sheets of paper to position in corners and then put a tape measure over the area. We then suggest you contact us with your ideal measurement so that we can recommend the closest standard size to that measurement. Of course you can go a custom size, but bear in mind that not only does a custom size increase the cost it also takes a really long time. More often than not we can work to a standard size based on your measurements.

Standard size rugs: 160 x 230cm, 200 x 290cm, 250 x 350cm and 300 x 400cm

Tip: A rug that is too small can cause a room to appear smaller and make the furniture feel disconnected, therefore, if in doubt opt for a larger size rug.

What shape rug?

We like to look at the area before determining the ideal shape. For example, if you are going for a rectangle rug, we like to run the longer side with the longer sofa. For a perfect L shape modular, consider round or square shaped rugs. In dining areas, be guided by the shape of your dining table and then allow at least 70cm from the edge of the table so that the chair can be pulled out but still remain on the rug.

What type of rug?

It is important to understand that certain floor rugs are not suited for every environment. It is therefore essential to explore where the rug may be used, and if you have children and pets. Different rugs suit different environments. Don’t forget the right outdoor rug can also work fantastically inside.

Our recommended rug brands:

The Rug Collection

The Rug Collection

For 15 years, The Rug Collection exclusive rug designs have been finely handcrafted to add comfort and style into living spaces across the globe.

The Rug Collection embrace Fair Trade practices and premium materials from New Zealand wool, pure wool blends and artsilk.

The collections consist of unique rug designs handmade by artisans for everyday living.


Globe West Rug

Expertly curated and crafted in high-quality materials for Australian homes, discover over 20 diverse styles of indoor & outdoor rugs from GlobeWest. Designed with the finest materials, GlobeWest rug collection celebrates the craftsmanship of their artisanal makers.

Made to last, their beautifully handcrafted rugs are available in a variety of textures, shapes and colours.


Bayliss Rugs

Bayliss began in 1938 when Jack Bayliss established a carpet business in Melbourne, importing handmade carpet from northern India and Axminister carpet from England.

Now run by the third generation, Jeff & Daryl Bayliss, Bayliss have a vision to create beautiful exclusive rugs that customers trust and love in their home, offering creative and innovative rugs that set new trends in floorcovering in Australia and around the world.


Baya Rugs

Most of Baya floor rugs are carefully handwoven in India. The knowledge of the craftspeople is often handed down through generations, using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. These individuals know their craft intimately, from picking the finest yarns and fibres to hand-tufting intricate and multi-coloured designs.

Baya is proud to be licensed by GoodWeave, an organisation that is working to end child labour and uphold healthy working conditions for weavers in the floor rug and textile industry.

Baya’s partnership with GoodWeave is an important part of Baya’s commitment within the textile industry and how it moves into the future. Baya want to ensure their floor rugs come from a transparent and ethical supply chain, that is free of child labour and supports workers rights.

All images and copy courtesy of The Rug Collection, GlobeWest, Bayliss, Baya and Make Your House A Home

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