A dining room to dream about!

A dining room to dream about!

This week's Monday Musing at MYHAH is all about the dining room! In the depths of winter, this is the perfect time to get excited about creating a dining space that you will want to host in!

We hope you have fun reading our Monday Musing post shared on our socials, and you find some inspiration for your home!

Monday Musing and we are loving the simplicity of this dining room by The Lifestyled Co! Monday gets us all excited at MYHAH, because we LOVE musing, and the best thing for us is that we can recreate this look for you all from our gallery right here in Bendigo!

If you are like me, and you feel like you have lost the art to host (just a little bit!), revisiting how you are set up in your dining room is a great starting point. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Has your dining table got the capacity to host a small - large group of people?
  • Are your chairs comfortable enough to sit at the table for hours deep in conversation with your nearest and dearest?
  • Do you have a buffet close by that can store your glasses, wine and serving platters?
  • Do you have the right lighting?

This dining room by The Lifestyled Co. has just the right amount of all of the above! What works in this space, and why is it so serene and calm? Firstly, this room has a very muted palette that is monochromatic, with a small detail of luxe with the gold lighting.

The dining chairs that run the length of the table are superb. Light in colour, and designed for comfort, they also have a softness to them with the curved back. They just look inviting. We love the change to the chairs for the head of the table, continuing the curved theme, and light in colour, they are very complementary.

Recreate the look with these dining chairs by GlobeWest!

GlobeWest Sara Dining Chair 
GlobeWest Addison Occasional Chair

The dining table is a piece! Often we can underestimate simplicity in design, which is why we want to highlight how incredible this table is. It is a showstopper. The blonde timber has warmth to it, and the rectilinear design is a practical choice for seating multiple guests at the table. 

Recreate the look with this dining table by GlobeWest!

GlobeWest Floyd Dining Table

Can we talk about the buffet? OMG! We love this design, it makes such a powerful statement in black, a great contrast, that ties in beautifully with the windows. Textured and abstract, it is so interesting and a perfect place to store your glasses, dishes and serving platters.

Recreate the look with this buffet by GlobeWest!

GlobeWest Elton Buffet

We love this room, and we can recreate this look just for you!

Our Style Team have curated a collection of GlobeWest pieces from our gallery to pique your interest:

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*Images courtesy of The Lifestyled Co., Pinterest & GlobeWest

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