Lee & Mark // Castlemaine

Lee & Mark // Castlemaine

I really enjoyed working with these Couture for Living clients who already had lots of interesting pieces from all their travels. They had recently sold their charming mud brick home to move closer to town. They were struggling to connect with their new home, so I helped them work through it... to start with we introduced some new artwork to the hallway and a hall runner to provide a warm entry experience. Their gorgeous dog Maggie is part of the welcoming committee!

They had already sold a lot of their old furniture, but fortunately, not all of it. They still had some great pieces, like the parker chairs you see paired up with the new Benjamin Ripple dining table from Globe West. We added some new Maison carver chairs by Furnish upholstered in a lovely textured teal velvet fabric and a couple of very cool pendants suspended over the middle of the table to zone the dining space.
Castlemaine job
Mark is an avid reader, requiring a custom bookcase to store all his books. We then floated a round rug, with an IMG space chair, side table and floor lamp on it to create his own little reading nook.
library nook
Lee is a lover of plants, so you will see them threaded throughout the home with some lovely new and old baskets and vessels to house them.

Lee hallway
This couple has some pretty cool artworks and are not afraid of colour so we used their existing artwork as the inspiration for the new paint colour for the front door. You can see it at the end of the hallway.
Lee dining
Because this room is so large and the clients had decided that they didn't want or need a tv to be in this space, we carved it up visually by how they intended to use it. We created a little sitting area in front of the windows zoned by another rug and a couple of gorgeous Molmic occasional chairs. It is the perfect spot to prop as it gets lots of natural light, their lush garden provides a lovely back drop.
Lee sitting area 2The master bedroom had a rug added to break up the dark carpet, some extra bed linen and cushions, new bedside tables and lamps and a huge mirror which reflects the view outside.

Master Bedroom Master bedroom Master bedroom mirror

This home has loads of personality, just like it's owners!

Here is what they had to say about the Couture for Living experience..

"We were starting to feel a little overwhelmed trying to make decisions about what furniture to buy for our transition from our charming mudbrick home to a relatively new home in Castlemaine. Many an hour was spent walking in and out of furniture stores, unable to commit to purchasing just in case we got it wrong. What a relief to come across Lisa from Make Your House A Home and feel immediately not only comfortable with her, but also finally listened to concerning what we were trying to do. We wanted to mix up some of our well-loved pieces with more modern styles of furniture. Lisa performed her magic and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. With Lisa’s interior design expertise, our house has become our home. We can highly recommend the Couture for Living Package"
- Lee & Mark

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